About Love

About Love

by Lars Norén

” That’s tragic. That you’d sleep with me, although you don’t want to. “

German Premiere

Lars Norén, regarded by many as the greatest Swedish playwright since Strindberg, has dealt with the love-hate relationships of modern dysfunctional families in emotionally powerful and sombre plays spiced with absurd humour, such as Natten är dagens mor (1982; “Night Is Mother to the Day”).

Norén’s characters, like those of Strindberg, seem hopelessly locked into their closed family hell. In later works Norén left the home behind to explore the world of the “unseen”—prisoners, drug addicts, and those housed in institutions. He has, to the dismay of many, brought such people onstage to perform in his dramas, thus obliterating all borders between reality and fiction. ()

Directed by Alexander Frank
Stage Design David Gonter
Costume Design Dorothee Joisten
Composer Kostia Rapoport
Dramaturgy Nora Khuon

Till Weinheimer (A)
Constanze Becker (B)
Andreas Uhse (C)
Birte Leest (D)
Ioannis Germanidis,
Julian Kowalke-Jeri,
Leo Ross (Child)

Schauspiel Frankfurt
Kammerspiele, Spielzeit 2012/13

All pictures: © Birgit Hupfeld