Chronicler of the Winds

Chronicler of the Winds

by Henning Mankell



” I tried to make myself invisible, shrouded in my fear. “

German Premiere
For humans aged 10 and older…

Based on the novel written by Henning Mankell, “Chronicler of the Winds” (Original title: Comédia infantil) tells the story of a ten-year old african boy called Nelio. The boy has been shot on the stage of a theatre, and he tells his life story and all his troubles, including living on the street, being persecuted for albinism, and being traumatized as a child soldier.

Alexander Frank adapted the novel for the stage and created new narrators: three traveling storytellers who found Nelio in their circus one night and now are on tour sharing his story.

Adaptation Alexander Frank
Directed by Alexander Frank
Stage & Costume Design David Gonter
Dramaturgy Maria Schneider

Manja Haueis / Selale Gonca Cerit
Axel Brauch
Alexandre Pierre

Theater Osnabrück
Emma-Theater, Spielzeit 2011/12

All pictures: © Uwe Lewandowski (1-2) / Jörg Laudsberg (3-16)