Geld oder Leben V

Geld oder Leben V

Based on the novel »It wasn’t me!« by Kristof Magnusson


” Then this trader sat down beside me on the bed, pulled his legs up and stared at the TV. “

Scenic Reading

The story of three people trying to make sense of a financial crisis: a German banker on a Chicago trading floor, a German literary translator who’s had enough of her friends’ lifestyles and a legendary American author trying to get over a severe case of writer’s block.

Adaptation Alexander Frank
Directed by Alexander Frank
Stage Design Daniel Wollenzin
Costume Design Dorothee Joisten

Christoph Pütthoff
Janina Zschernig
Benedikt Greiner

Schauspiel Frankfurt
Box, Spielzeit 2012/13

All pictures: © Julia Hagen