I understand

I understand

by Lukas Hammerstein

He has been an important man for a very long time. Now, he is quite alone. There always was a big crowd around him: lobbyists, press, groupies, … a crowd overshadowing even his party enemies. But now, it’s time for the hyenas. Even his press secretary has fallen silent.

Before he enters the stage for one last time, a parting politician weighs his words. He tests his charm and listens to the fading echo of power … his last words will be “I understand.”

Directed by Alexander Frank
Stage & Costume Design Christa Beland
Video Design Matthias Greving
Dramaturgy Friederike Engel

Aurel Bereuter

Theater Münster
Studio, Spielzeit 2013/14

Photos: © Oliver Berg / Video-Stills: Produktion