by Anthony McCarten
” Life is a sexually transmitted disease. It is spread by people having sex, and in the end it kills you. “

In this stage adaptation by Alexander Frank, three comic characters tell the tale of their inventor: Donald Delpe, 14 years old. He is a troubled teenager. Not only is he a ‘terrible teen’ by default, as obsessed with sex, music, videogames and drugs as the rest of his gang, but he is also suffering from a life-threatening form of leukaemia, which makes him an even more difficult boy, both for his parents and his teachers. Escaping into his own comic-book realm of immortal superheroes, ruthless villains and sex-crazed vamps, he repeatedly dashes his family’s hopes by refusing to fight the battles facing him in the real world. As famous psychologist Dr Adrian King is brought in to help, a glimmer of hope is rekindled. But will the doctor break the rules, betray the parents’ trust and risk everything to help Donald achieve his greatest wish? Or will Donald be the one to save the doctor?

For humans aged 14+

Adaptation Alexander Frank
Directed by Alexander Frank
Stage & Costume Design Anja Kreher
Sound Design Alexander Frank
Dramaturgy Sven Kleine

Anja S. Gläser (Krankenschwester etc)
Thomas Hofer (MiracleMan/Donald)
Marius Lamprecht (The Glove/Adrian etc)
Leander Kubillus (Off-voice Donald, 14y)

Theater Osnabrück
Emma-Theater, Spielzeit 2015/16

All Pictures: © Uwe Lewandowski