The Saddest Orchestra of the World

The Saddest Orchestra

of the World

Staged Reading of texts by László Darvasi


” Fat people are reasonable! Fat people are happy! Fat people are fatter than thin people! Fat people are beautiful! Fat people love life, because they have more to lose! Fat people have ample reserves! Fat people are seen better by God! “

The stories of László Darvasi are grotesque and ludicrous meditations on the Hungarian province, his experiences with the Balkan War and metaphors for life and death itself.

Directed by Alexander Frank
Stage Design Anna Dischkow
Costume Design Katharina Tasch
Live-Music Rafael Sotomayor, William Black

Henrike Johanna Jörissen
Sébastien Jacobi

Schauspiel Frankfurt
Box, Spielzeit 2010/11

All Pictures: © Anahita & Benjamin Kleinert