The Small Things

The Small Things

by Enda Walsh


” My insides are still now and wait. … life and death paused then and wait for my choice. “

Two houses, each perched on a mountain top, stare at each others across a deep valley. A man and a woman talk about the small things – parquet floor zigzagging down corridors, the memory of mother’s breasts, brown sugar and soggy chips. But these minutiae disguise a bigger story of brutality and unfaltering loyalty which emerges horrifically through the chit chat.

From the author of “Disco Pigs” and “Bedbound”, this is a startling Beckettian fable.

Directed by Alexander Frank
Stage Design Anna Dischkow
Costume Design Dorothee Joisten
Dramaturgy Nora Khuon

Andreas Uhse
Sandra Gerling

Schauspiel Franfurt
Box, Spielzeit 2010/11

All pictures: © Eduarth Szekely / Press Picture (on top of page): Birgit Hupfeld