The Tin Drum

The Tin Drum

by Günter Grass
” You are vain and wicked – as a genius should be. “

Oskar Matzerath narrates his own story, while being confined in a mental hospital. He decided to never grow up when he heard his father declare that he would become a grocer. Gifted with a piercing shriek that can shatter glass or be used as a weapon, Oskar declares himself to be one of those “clairaudient infants”, whose “spiritual development is complete at birth and only needs to affirm itself”. He retains the stature of a child while living through the beginning of World War II, several love affairs, and the world of postwar Europe. Through all this, a toy tin drum, the first of which he received as a present on his third birthday, followed by many replacement drums each time he wears one out from over-vigorous drumming, remains his treasured possession; he is willing to commit violence to retain it.

Adaptation Alexander Frank
Directed by Alexander Frank
Stage & Costume Design Daniel Wollenzin
Music & Sound Stefan Paul Goetsch
Dramaturgy Kathrin Mädler

Daniel Rothaug (Oskar Matzerath), Natalja Joselewitsch, Mark Oliver Bögel, Ilja Harjes, Christoph Rinke, Regine Andratschke / Carola von Seckendorff

Theater Münster
Kleines Haus, Spielzeit 2015/16

All Pictures: © Oliver Berg