+ Film

Story Development (Series & Feature) for Sky Germany, Bastei Media

Gaukelspiel (AT) (Short)
Frau Löhr (Workshop-Film)
The String Puppet (Short, Berlinale)
Paradies in Sicht (Short)

+ Theatre

Superhero (Theater Osnabrück)
The Tin Drum (Theater Münster)
Hare and Tortoise (Landestheater Neuss)
Mainhattan Monsters (Junges Schauspiel Frankfurt)
The Life of Insects (Theater Osnabrück)
I understand (Theater Münster)
Dorian Gray (Theater Osnabrück)
Geld oder Leben 5 (Schauspiel Frankfurt)
About Love (Schauspiel Frankfurt)
Lord of the Flies (Junges Schauspiel Frankfurt)
Chronicler of the Winds (Theater Osnabrück)
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (Schauspiel Frankfurt)
The Small Things (Schauspiel Frankfurt)
The Saddest Orchestra of the World (Schauspiel Frankfurt)

+ Awards

2015 • 1st Price for a TV-Series-Concept (Bavaria Film/Top:Talente)
2014 • Internationales Forum Theatertreffen (Scholarship)
2012 • Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab (Scholarship)
2008 • Berlinale Talent Campus (Scholarship)

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Alexander Frank wrote his master thesis on the adolescent outsider in film. He loves kids movies as well as dark genre flicks … and he collects all kind of weird stuff that tells stories. As a redhead with blue eyes, he belongs to the smallest minority of the planet: only one per cent of the world’s population shares this genetic combination.
He works as a Writer and Director.

Even before taking up political science, film and media studies at University Zurich, Switzerland, Alexander Frank worked as 1st Assistant Director and Script Supervisor for various film and television productions. In context of his practical training he studied rehearsal-techniques with Judith Weston in New York, with German director Andreas Dresen, Clown Dimitri and Keith Johnstone. He took masterclasses in story development with Robert McKee and Juliane Jessen.

In 2008 he received a scholarship for the Berlinale Talent Campus where he wrote and directed »The String Puppet«, a tale about two soldiers being confronted by a child soldier, that premiered at the 58th Berlin Film Festival and was nominated for the German Human Rights Film Award.

In 2008 Alexander worked as Staff Director at Junges Schauspielhaus (theatre) in Zurich. 2009-2012 he took a post as Resident Assistant Director at Schauspiel Frankfurt, Germany. Here, he directed Enda Walsh’s »The Small Things« as his first theatre production. In the following seasons Alexander directed »Chronicler of the Winds« by Henning Mankell at Theatre Osnabrück for audiences 10+ and the German premiere of »Liebesspiel (About Love)« by Lars Norén at Schauspiel Frankfurt. He also acted as Associate Director on the production »Lord of the Flies« in Frankfurt. Many more productions have followed since.

Alexander Frank is a fellow of the International Forum at the Berlin Theatertreffen 2014 and a member of the Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab in New York.

He lives in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Ei Gude, wie?
(aɪ guːdɛ viː – which translates to “Hello, how are you” in Hessian)